Tamaralynn Independent Scentsy Consultant/Lead

Hello, I have been with Scentsy for 4 years! My passion is to share the generous business model that Scentsy offers. Perhaps you want to travel? With Scentsy you can earn all inclusive trips around the world. Perhaps you want to generate additional income or just want to join Scentsy for a hobby and get paid on your own scentsy addiction. With Scentsy we don't sell or go door to door. It's the simplicity of sharing the love of the products and building relationships with customers. Scentsy has a variety of AMAZING scented products BEAUTIFUL warmers that requires no flame and no breathing in harsh chemicals like traditional flame candles. All warmers warm the wax using a bulb. Scentsy is 100% safe, non toxic and no harsh chemicals. Browse my website for all your scentsy needs!! Want to Join Scentsy? Come on board!!! Click join my team!
Thank you for supporting my family business ☺