Dr. Elise Brisco, Wellness Content Creator, Integrative Optometrist, Homeopath, and, NearSight Founder

Dr. Elise Brisco is a wellness content creator, Founder, and Integrative Optometrist. She offers a well-balanced integrative approach to health care by incorporating both traditional medical treatments as well as more natural options such as homeopathy. As a fitness and wellness advocate, she uses healthy living as the foundation for health care. She helps her patients to look and feel their best because healthy is beautiful. Dr. Brisco offers expertise in many areas especially Dry Eyes, Pediatric Optometry, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Vision Therapy, and Keratoconus.

She is the CEO and Founder of NearSight which features her patented invention that replaces reading glasses while on the go. Recently NearSight won 3rd place for the People's Choice Award on the CBS TV show California by Design.

Dr. Brisco is a health, beauty and fitness influencer who collaborates with products and services that can truly benefit her patients and followers. Email her to discuss collab ideas.