hello, i’m Maya!

here’s a little introduction about me: my birthday is on the 5th of November & my favourite fruit is watermelon ( ´ ▽ ` )

currently i’m working as a freelance web designer and programmer & am also working full-time in a medical company.

i enjoy playing FPS, RPG & rhythm games while streaming during my free time although i haven’t had time to grind my favourite games as often as before unless i sacrifice my sleep.. (。•́︿•̀。)

i play reflecbeat, jubeat, sdvx & iidx at home while occasionally going to the arcade for maimai!! i also spend some of my free time playing games on the computer, ipad & switch.

due to my work & irl commitments (i’m currently in a sports group, yoga class & dance class asides from work) i’m unable to meet up or reply to DMs unless it’s really urgent (×﹏×)

see you when i see you!
(⸝⸝ᴗ͈ ‸ ᴗ͈⸝⸝)